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Presenteren voor Koning Willem-Alexander in New York

vrijdag 23 oktober 2015
Door: Jilt van Schayik

After 20 countries, 1500 liters of water, 200 energy bars and six months of cycling, UN Youth Delegate Jilt van Schayik and Teun Meulepas safely arrived in Cape Town in August this year. The aim of this Building Bridges project? Speaking with thousands of young men and women about the sustainable development goals; collecting their stories and bridging the gap between young people and decisionmakers. Last week the United Nations summit for the adoption of the sustainable development goals took place. World leaders committed to seventeen goals that should end extreme poverty, reverse climate change, and fight inequality. The Building Bridges team was invited to present the outcomes of their project to the United Nations.

Showing stories behind the data During the summit, a UNDP hub was set up in front of the UN Headquarters to exhibit the results from the MY World survey, a global survey that captured peoples’ voices and priorities for a better world. These voices helped to shape the sustainable development goals. During their cycling journey, Jilt and Teun focused on the stories behind the data, asking young people about their priorities for a better world. They portrayed the stories of the people they met via the Humans of MY World platform which formed a large part of the MY World exhibition.

Building Bridges was awarded with the price for Best Human Story in the Peoples’ Voices Challenge. http://peoplesvoiceschallenge.org/ In a room filled with high-level actors, this was a wonderful opportunity for the two cyclists to, again, emphasize the importance of the inclusion of young people and women in the implementation of the new goals.

Presenting at Microsoft, talking to young entrepreneurs and even honoured by a visit from King Willem-Alexander from the Netherlands. After an exciting week in New York, the

Building Bridges team will continu to stretch the importance of governments and other decisionmakers not to forget the voices of their people and will continu to speak out for gender equality.

- written by Joline Heusinkveld, Building Bridges Project Coordinator.

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